Shenandoah Park in Plantation, Florida

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Shenandoah Park is a great community park located in Plantation, Florida. The park is a wonderful location for families, friends, or people of all ages and backgrounds to gather together to spend some time together. There is a large playground area available for use that includes various slides, swings, and climbing structures. There is also another smaller playground structure on the Shenandoah Park property. This playground is more natural in color but still offers a variety of slides, climbing structures, a suspended bridge, and a fun jungle gym. Shenandoah Park also has a refreshing splash area for members of the community to gather and all cool off from the extreme sun. Another great feature at Shenandoah Park is the unique outdoor workout area that is equipped to assist individuals in their workout routines outside in the beautiful Florida sun. If the workout area does not fit an individual’s activity level, the park also has a basketball court, baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a soccer area. Lastly, the Shenandoah Park offers the community a wonderfully built community center available for use for a variety of gatherings or social functions. No matter if you are the outdoorsy type, have children that need to run off some energy, want to enjoy a relaxing picnic, take on a competitive game, or simply want to host a gathering; the park truly offers activities for individuals of all ages.

 Additionally, the park is handicap friendly with great handicapped parking available under some shade to fight off the intense Florida heat and ensure no individual is left out of the fun. Please be sure to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by visiting Shenandoah Park located at 14601 SW 14TH STREET, PLANTATION, FL 33317

Shenandoah Park in Plantation, Florida

Address: 14601 SW 14TH STREET, PLANTATION, FL 33317

Phone number: (954) 797-1147

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